Teaching artists

Morie Williams

Founder & Artistic Director

Originally from Los Angeles, Morie grew up in San Jose California where he found a…

Matthew Ryan Pest

Resident Director

Matthew Ryan Pest is an educator, performer, and music director originally from Huntsville, Alabama. He…

Jerrica Ignacio

Guest Teaching Artist

Jerrica is an award-winning music director and conductor with over a decade of local experience.…

Matt Ignacio

Guest Teaching Artis

Matt Ignacio is an accomplished singer and choir director. He is the artistic director for…

Shirley Johnston

Guest Teaching Artist

When she’s not performing professionally Shirley loves helping young people craft their best work both…

Nancy Boskin-Mullen

Guest Teaching Artist

Born and raised in San Diego, Chef Samuel is a local community leader and entrepreneur…

Siggy Bobonis

Guest Acting Coach

The Son of Sigfrido and Menzer Bobonis, Siggy Bobonis is a Puerto Rican actor and…

Claire Christy

Youth Guest Teaching Artist

In pursuit of a career in theatre, Claire loves to dance, sing and act whenever…

Xavier Hicks

Guest Teaching Artist

Xavier Hicks has toured and danced all over the world with the Cleo Parker Robinson…

Julio Canto Yea

Guest Teaching Artist

Xavier Hicks has toured and danced all over the world with the Cleo Parker Robinson…

Dylan Smith

Guest Director

Dylan Smith Guest Director is a Southern California based dancer, choreographer, instructor and visual artist.…

Leo Williams

Guest Teaching Artist

As a dancer, and Choreography Leo has studied dance at Anne Arundel Community College in…

Kathryn Perkins

Guest Teaching Artist

Kathryn Perkins is a fabulous mother of two and a gifted teaching artist. When she’s…

Adrienne Lewis


From Los Angeles CA, Adrienne finds inspiration in tradition when it comes to her Southern cooking style

Mike Smith


Chef Mike grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but left for Chicago once the culinary bug caught him.

TJ Marco

Guest Teaching Artist

Growing up in San Diego Marco discovered his passion for food and crafting his best work in the kitchen early on


Bill Simpson


Bill Simpson has become one of the most accomplished and respected tap dance performers in the country.