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T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors (T3)


Welcome to T3! We are a pre-professional training and performance program that seeks to make theatre arts education and mentoring more accessible both financially and socially to young people and adults. Presenting learning opportunities that strengthen young people and sustain vibrant communities is our guiding principle. While our focus is on youth education we also offer some adult classes and performance opportunities.

Year-round we offer a myriad of arts education, mentoring, academic support and enrichment programs both during and after the school day. In a healthy, safe environment young people learn to express themselves clearly and creatively through a variety of voice, dance and acting classes, workshops and theatrical performances.

Our programs incorporate the Visual And Performing Arts Content Standards adopted by the California State Board Of Education. Whether a casual enthusiast or aspiring professional we offer all the training needed to succeed.

We invite you to browse through our pages, shop, sign-up to teach or take a class; make a donation or find out how you can help. Thanks for visiting; we hope to see you in class soon.

Educate, Engage And Empower Young People Through The Arts


A “Triple Threat” is an entertainment industry label for someone that can sing dance and act. Our focus is to help our students succeed as leaders in school and within their communities. At T3 kids and teens come to learn the same discipline it takes to become a master performer are all the same it takes to master their lives. Students also learn how to deal with setbacks and handle rejection.

Participants gain invaluable experience performing alongside seasoned professionals, funds are raised and everyone involved gets the chance to receive positive feedback, and cultivate healthy habits and relationships that could last a lifetime.

Give Your Heart To The Arts!

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