Why SING | DANCE | ACT With T3?

T3 was formed 20 years ago with the belief, when an artiste gets to a certain level they should help someone else along the way. Since founding we’ve made the arts more accessible both financially & socially to everyone, especially to disenfranchised youth.


Shadowing professional Teaching Artists or experienced performers students receive in-person instruction in group and one on one classes. Bringing communities together through entertainment, exhibition and education is the reason we are here.


With over 75 years of combines experience our goal it to help our students accomplish their training goals


All of our group classes are donation basedand our workshops and Master Classea are are priced as affordable as possible.This along with our new work study program means you never have to forgo another class because of your finances.

Adult Theater San Diego – T3 Triple Threat SING | DANCE | ACT

Welcome to Adult Theater San Diego T3 Triple Threat! T3 is a pre-professional training and performance program seeking to make theatre arts activities more accessible both financially and socially for all that wish to participate. Instructional classes for professionals are in the works. T3 offers a variety of voice, dance, and acting classes, workshops, and performance opportunities for all ages. All of our instructors are professional Teaching Artists or Experienced Performers. Presenting educational opportunities that strengthen youth and foster vibrant communities through ARTS is our guiding principle.

Adult Theater San Diego – Educate, Engage And Empower (E3)

As Teaching artists, we believe “there’s an unwritten rule in our industry; when you get to a certain level you should help someone else along the way”. We do that by nurturing the talent of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to quality education within the arts; especially those that would otherwise go without these opportunities.

T3 is dedicated to engaging solidarity through training and in the production of theatre arts; contributing to the advancement of community members through live performances and education. Through participation individuals gain invaluable experience, funds are raised and everyone involved gets the chance to receive positive feedback, and cultivate healthy habits and relationships that could last a lifetime.


Give Your Heart To The Arts!


Your support is needed now more than ever as we work to share the magic of theatre arts and the life-changing lessons acquired through training! Click through and make a tax-deductible donation to support the arts. If you have any questions feel free to write or give us a call at 619-SUN-ARTS (619-786-2787)