Give Your Heart To The Arts and Donate to T3 Triple Threat Today

Make a tax-deductible philanthropic investment towards San Diego’s arts education community.

To thrive in response to COVID-19 and state-wide conditions, T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors has moved all of their programs outside. In time “The Show Will Go On”, but for now we’ll continue to train and entertain in the safest and healthiest of practices and environments.

Your support will allow us to continue making theatre arts magic more accessible both financially and socially for young people and adults in our community. We invite you to join us in presenting enjoyment, recreation and education during this uncertain time. Together we can inspire hope for a better tomorrow; through the arts.
For a one time gift or if your are contributing for a donation based class please scan the Cash App decal below. For a reoccurring gift click through to the PayPal link.

By helping us raise the funds and awareness needed to provide training and development for our talented student base you’re helping us save young lives.

Other Ways You Can Contribute

Won’t you consider joining our T3 family as an individual donor, through your companies matching gift program, a gift of stock, or in-kind donation.


Matching Gifts— Can Increase the Impact of Your Gift

  • * Your employer may match contributions, both financial and volunteer hours from their employees, they may also match donations made by spouses, retirees and board members.
  • * Many companies and foundations in the United States match their employees’ cash or volunteer gifts to non-profit organizations like T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors. Contact your community outreach department to learn more about your company’s matching gift program.


In-Kind Donations

  • Your Company may also help with in-kind donations of goods or services. T3 warmly welcomes discounts on goods and services. To receive a copy of our Wish List contact Morie below.


To learn more contact Morie Williams – at 619-SUN -ARTS or
(619)786-2787 or Email


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