we want you t3How to Become a Volunteer or Mentor.

T3 is always looking to partner with professional instructors and experienced performers for a variety of teaching and directing opportunities. In addition, volunteer support is sought and welcomed in the areas of administrative operations and backstage production elements.
  • Arts Educators   (Voice, Dance, Music/ Piano & Acting)
  • Academic Tutors
  • Marketing and Social Media Support.
  • Administrative Support
  • Assist with general tasks to help our organization achieve its objectives.
  • Web Design
  • Photography/Media Arts/Video
  • Stage Management/Backstage Support
  • Make-up
  • Events/Program Coordinators

1. Find an opportunity that is right for you.

Positions and descriptions are listed below. Its important to find a volunteer opportunity that engages your interest and availability. Please review our current list of opportunities below to decide which is right for you.


2. Apply.

You can apply to volunteer or mentor online by clicking through on the link below. Applications must be completed in their entirely.


3. Interview.

Once you submit your application, our volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up a brief phone interview. We want to determine if your interests and abilities are an appropriate fit. An additional interview with staff may be necessary for positions requiring a specific level of proficiency.


4. Complete paperwork.

Due to the nature of our work, all volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check. T3 also requires volunteers to complete volunteer agreement forms detailing mutual understanding between the volunteer and our organization.


5. Attend orientation and training.

T3 will do everything possible to provide you with the necessary training, materials, and information to be successful in your volunteer position. We want to ensure that volunteers have a positive experience with us.


6. Get started.

We hope that all volunteers enjoy working with T3. Any feedback and input from volunteers is valuable for us to continually improve our program. Step into the spotlight with our current volunteer and mentor opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunity Overview

Position Oversight:

T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors is seeking to partner with a variety of talented professionals and experienced individuals in our community. Volunteers will follow the general direction of the volunteer coordinator and T3 staff, but will mostly work independently.


Volunteers will be able to share their experience, time and talents while engaging community members and promoting social responsibility through the arts. Volunteers will also become part of a larger network of professionals in our community. Volunteers will also increase their understanding of non-profit organizations. If you are a high school or college student seeking internship credit, arrangements can be made with your school.


To help cater to our fast growing service to expand and enrich our community.


• Experience in the position applying to assist or willingness to learn.
• Able to work with youth pass a criminal background check.
• Pass a criminal background check.
• Willingness to work with people from various backgrounds
• Strong communication skills
• Dependable, adaptable, flexible, and punctual
• Self-motivated and able to work well with little supervision

Time Commitment:

Flexible depending on volunteer’s schedule


North Park Recreation Center 4044 Idaho Street.

How to apply:

Please click through to apply. You will be contacted within two weeks upon submission.

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