T3 Triple Threat Fundraiser For A Frozen Jr Production

Becoming Proactive In Uncertain Times

Covid-19 Face mask for sale

As a way to redirect some of his own nervousness and anxiety T3’s Founder, Morie Williams has started collaborating with Tailor / Designer Carlos Zuñiga. Together they have been providing launderable face mask, with proceeds benefiting T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors.

Carlos’s mask are made of cotton and features a behind the ear elastic hold. Lined with Tricot they provide a protective moisture barrier, while dispersing wetness. They are soft, breathable and allow you to be heard and clearly understood. A great option for people providing services.

We hope you consider protecting your health while supporting the arts. Click on the link below and we’ll send yours out today. Pricing for large or bulk orders are available upon request.

Our production of Frozen Junior will proceed when the stay at home order has been lifted.


** If you wish to buy in bulk click here



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