“My daughter grew from being a timid eight-year-old, afraid of speaking in public, to a young lady staring in two dance numbers, AND a transition piece all on her own! Morie’s diligence, drive, and passion for the program, definitely shines through. My hats off to the entire crew!” -Angelica Palacios T3 Parent

AngelicaAngelica T3 Parent

“Morie, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, commitment and dedication to these girls. Renata went from being very sedentary to wanting to eat healthier and losing 2 pounds just from dancing so much and training with you. We have defiantly noticed a change for the better in her self- esteem and she…


“We are so grateful for the amazing job done by Morie and the T3 staff. As a low-income family, our options are limited when it comes to summer camps. What a joy to have access to such high-quality instruction in the performing arts. The T3 program offered fun and also a chance to gain a…


“I always looked forward to rehearsals because it was like a safe space to me. The mentors at T3 aim to help you build confidence on stage which helped also me with my confidence off-stage. They truly care and want to help you reach your fullest potential.” – Renata Gil T3 Student

Renata T3 Student

“T3 Triple Threat Youth Mentors is an excellent musical theatre program! Morie Williams is a very professional and energetic director who inspires his students to reach for the stars while providing them with the practical tools and support to do so. His positive spirit, refined skills and disciplined work ethic set the tone for a…