T3 Triple Threat Cast


Founded in 2003, T3 sought out to make theatre arts and mentoring programs more accessible both financially and socially to kids and teens. We especially wanted to make sure that these opportunities were made available to youth from disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds.


The mission of T3 is to inspire excellence, build confidence, foster talent, uplift and instill a life-long appreciation for the performing arts, while providing youth with an outlet to reach their full potential. To keep kids engaged in school, get them through college, and help them become successful adults.

How We Work

T3 works hard to offer a low-cost alternative to quality theatre arts training, while at the same time providing remarkable performing opportunities. T3 invites professional instructors and experienced performers to share their experience, time and talents with our student base.

All of our group classes are donation based and our workshops, privates and summer camps are priced as affordable as possible. Our programs are ongoing and designed to allow new students to jump right in.  Student donations and financial gifts from our website have allowed us to thrive for the past 15 years. For more info about our donation-based model, please click through to our Donate page.

While no child is ever turned away based on ability to pay, we have recently implemented suggested donation guidelines and/or volunteering time to support T3. Established well below market value, your donations help us serve you better.

Who We Serve

Our youth program primarily serves youth between the ages of 7 and 18 years of age. Classes for kids ages 5 through 7 have begun forming.  We offers some adult classes and workshops as a way to help sustain our youth programs. Become part of the fun! Sign up to teach or take a class, make a donation or find out how you help.

Board of Directors